Post-Event Update: Marketing in China and Career Opportunities

On the 14th of October, AustCham held a Marketing in China and Career Opportunities event, where guests were given an insiders perspective into the successful marketing of businesses in China. The guest speakers for the evening: Santiago Mateos, Director of International Business Development at Netconcepts Web Technologies Beijing and Kiran Patel, Director of Marketing & Communications at Lehman Brown Beijing discussed the growing need for companies to build their marketing strategies in order to improve their physical and online presence in China.

Kiran discussed how the success of Lehman Brown in China was as a result of effectively coordinating their marketing in both the online and offline forums. He spoke of the need to use targeted marketing to reach key customers and using revenue growth and increased website traffic as feedback loops to gauge the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

Complementing Kiran’s remarks, Santiago covered topics ranging from social media marketing and content strategy to observations of current online trends and the need to maintain awareness of emerging trends. In addition, he stressed that end-user experience should be at the forefront when developing website functionality and preparing content. He highlighted the success of WeChat wallet and JD store as examples.

Overall, both Kiran and Santiago made it very clear that in order to engage the 557+ million mobile Internet users in China, companies must be smarter in developing innovative marketing strategies to reach their target audience. We received highly positive feedback from attendees and AustCham Beijing would like to express our gratitude to Kiran and Santiago for taking time to share their expertise on this topic.

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