Food & Agribusiness Talking Points 09-09-2015

Date: Wednesday, 09 September 2015


Launch of Chinese Fund for Latin America Cooperation (English)

Source: MoA, 2nd September 2015

In an effort to support industrial cooperation with Latin America, the Chinese central bank has recently established a fund of USD $10 bn with the aim of financing major medium to long term projects in the region. The projects will focus on manufacturing, advanced technologies, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and finance.

Research and Markets: Research Report on China’s Corn Industry, 2015-2019 (English)

Source: Research and Markets, 17th August 2015

According to official statistics, China’s corn yield in 2014 was 215.65 million tons, decreasing 1.3% from last year. Corn has become China’s most important variety of food crop. In the long term, the demand for corn enjoys good prospects of continuous growth however, due to forecasts predicting little increase in corn yield, the demand gap is expected to expand further.

Coffs Harbour global blueberry summit identifies challenges to market growth (English)

Source: ABC, 8th September 2015

This year marks the first time the International Blueberry Summit has been held in Australia with more than 25 countries represented by over 300 delegates.  Among the issues discussed, Costa Berries General Manager, Peter McPherson stated that gaining better market access to Asian countries was one of the industry’s biggest issues and the most important for future growth. Importantly, Jerome Chen (China Blueberry Association) stated that the Chinese blueberry industry was undergoing rapid growth with imports likely to increase as more countries gain market access and are able to promote their product.

Chinese tastebuds tempted by North Coast honey (English)

Source: ABC, 9th September 2015

Capilano Honey’s sales director, Peter McDonald has stated that demand for Manuka honey in China is currently surging. Importantly, he said the industry remained very optimistic about sales growth post FTA signing, with Australia and New Zealand being the only two countries to produce Manuka honey, the fastest growing honey variant across the world.


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