World’s Leading Vaccination for COVID 19 Secured

Nihao Global, via its Division Medical Products HUB, today announced it has secured the rights to engage with Governments across the globe for Sinopharm the world’s most advanced vaccination for COVID 19.

The Medical Products HUB can now directly assist Governments globally to gain access to the world’s leading vaccination for COVID19.

Initial trials commenced in April and the vaccine has now been tested in 10 different countries and undertaken extensive Stage 3 Trials. Following its success in UAE on over 30,000 participants, UAE in September granted Emergency Use Authorization to front line health workers. In addition, it has now been approved for Emergency use in China using WHO guidelines for font line workers and others.

Nigel Blair Chairman of Nihao Global said, “this is one of the most important matters currently for humanity. We have created the bridge that enables Governments, their researchers, and virologists to independently test and review for themselves this vaccine, which based on the current information has been positive. We have successfully opened the door for all nations to this world-leading vaccination.”

Notifications have commenced being sent to each Health Ministry to notify them of their ability to access the vaccine.



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