In today’s talking points, more than half a million Chinese students completed degrees abroad in 2018, and the latest list of China’s higher education figures were released by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry have also implemented guidelines pertaining to the transparency of education and safety measures for kindergartens.

An estimated 519,400 Chinese students returned to China after completing degrees abroad in 2018

Since 1978, more than 3.65 million Chinese students have completed degrees abroad and returned to pursue a degree in China.

Chinese international students make up a third of all international students in Australia, and this figure continues to grow.

Australian universities are cited as appealing destinations for international students due to favourable student immigration policies and post-graduate employment opportunities.

Source: China Daily

On the domestic front, the latest list of China’s higher education institutions has been released

Published on June 15, the Ministry of Education cited a total of 2,956 higher education institutions in China.

The evolution of Chinese education institutions can be drawn from China’s population growth and an estimated 10% yearly growth of international student placements in China.

In 2018, China marked a 16.8% increase in scholarship funding to augment the levels of visiting students.

Source: China News

Compulsory School guidelines employed to improve transparency of education

The Minister of Education issued a guideline on Wednesday regarding the disclosure of information of compulsory education. The guideline aims to streamline education and enhance transparency by acting on public opinions.

Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Educations Sciences, Chu Zhaohui, stated that people’s enthusiasm to contribute to policy making has grown significantly.

While China’s education system has sustained significant expansion in recent years, critics have argued against the system’s one-dimensional, exams-oriented approach, as it tends to focus less on other aspects of human development. Targets for 2022 look to yield ‘all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding in addition to hard-working spirit’.

Fostering development of alternative talents will be beneficial in preparing school students for an automated future where creativity will be dominant.

Sources: Zou Shou – China Daily, China News

‘Safety and Supervision’ guideline implemented in Chinese kindergartens

China’s Ministry of Education is tightening standards by employing kindergarten supervisors to improve safety and ethical supervision. The guideline stipulates for supervisors to be assigned to every registered kindergarten at the county, municipal, and district level.

Objectives of the supervisors are to manage the safety and ethical standards of the kindergartens. They are to act as intermediaries for emergency response crews in the event of a major accident.

Source: Xinhua