Member News | Port of Newcastle Celebrates 30-Year Partnership with Qinhuangdao Port

Port of Newcastle welcomed delegates from Qinhuangdao Port in China to the region this week, marking 30 years of friendly exchange between the sister ports.

Qinhuangdao Port is an international multifunctional trade and logistic port primarily engaged in energy output and the world’s largest independent port operator for major dry bulk cargo, including coal, metal ores, containers, oil products, liquefied chemicals and other general cargos.

During the visit senior management from Port of Newcastle and Qinhuangdao Port shared their expertise and experiences, particularly regarding their respective efforts to diversify their operations.

Port of Newcastle CEO Craig Carmody said the visit provided the opportunity for mutual exchange of ideas, innovation and history between the two ports.

“It is a privilege to welcome delegates from our sister port in China to Newcastle and we value the long-term relationship and exchange we have had with Qinhuangdao Port over the past 30 years,” Mr Carmody said.

“Like our port, Qinhuangdao is seeking to diversify and become more competitive and sustainable.

“We have much to learn from each other’s experiences and we look forward to further developing our relationship with Qinhuangdao Port into the future.”

Delegates from Qinhuangdao Port participated in a tour of the port operations and harbour and were presented with an original artwork by local Aboriginal artist Saretta Fielding. The artwork explores the story of connection with symbols representing people working together.

Names of official delegates:

Mr YANG Wensheng, CEO of Qinhuangdao Port Co. Ltd
Mr SUN Hongliang, Manager of the Second Port Branch of Qinhuangdao Port Co. Ltd
Mr YANG Jun, Manager of the Sixth Port Branch of Qinhuangdao Port Co. Ltd
Mr LIU Hong, Manager of the Seventh Port Branch of Qinhuangdao Port Co. Ltd
Mr ZHU Xiangdong, Manager of the Ninth Port Branch of Qinhuangdao Port Co. Ltd
Mr QI Bin, Deputy Director of the General Office of Hebei Port Group