Medical Products HUB sends ventilators to Madagascar for Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is one of the world’s largest mining and metals companies operating in approximately 36 countries, including Madagascar.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Rio Tinto contacted the team at Medical Products Hub to acquire Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), recognizing our long-term presence in China and ability to source quality, reliable PPE.

Rio Tinto engaged The Medical Products Hub team to source a shipment of ventilators for a field hospital in Madagascar. Life-saving invasive ventilators were – and continue to be – in short supply, with advance orders taking months to procure. However, the team at Medical Products Hub utilized our strong procurement, due diligence, and supplier partnerships in China, sourcing the shipment for Rio Tinto within 1 week. To ensure ventilators met the required quality standards, the team at Medical Products HUB conducted inspections of the ventilators prior to purchase by Rio Tinto, and immediately prior to exporting from China.

Working in partnership with Rio Tinto’s freight agent, Bollore Logistics Medical Products HUB provided all import and export documentation to Bollore Logistics to ensure smooth delivery of ventilators from China to Madagascar within 4 days.

Working in partnership with Rio Tinto and Bollore Logistics, the team at Medical Products HUB is supporting communities around the globe to combat COVID-19, and keeping communities safe.

About: Medical Products HUB

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