Low-dose lung cancer screening programme offer at Sanfine International Hospital

If you are a current or former smoker, lung cancer screening may save your life. Even if you have never used tobacco products, if you’ve been exposed to secondhand smoke or other carcinogens or have a family history of lung cancer, you may still wish to consider a Low Dose CT Screening for lung cancer, as part of a proactive health care plan. Individuals living in polluted areas and / or suffering from chronic pulmonary diseases may also benefit from lung cancer screenings.

Sanfine International Hospital provides sophisticated expertise to diagnose lung cancer at its earliest stages. Our Low Dose CT Screening program encourages individuals to be proactive about their health and potentially identify problems before they become life threatening.

Located in the heart of Chaoyang District, in the Sanlitun area, Sanfine International Hospital operates at international service standards and is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art medical services and technology, including the U.S. FDA approved GE Computer Tomography (CT) scanner Discovery CT750 which is known for its unique low dose radiation feature.

In addition, our bilingual, highly skilled and compassionate specialists ensure a high caliber of care while guiding individuals through every aspect of the Low Dose CT Screening for lung cancer. Sanfine International Hospital collaborates closely with Prof. Dr. David Christiani (Harvard Medical School) and Senior Pulmonary Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, Prof. Guo and her pulmonary specialist team from the PEKING Union Medical College Hospital, to remain at the forefront of breakthroughs that enable improved diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.


Sanfine International Hospital is currently offering the following corporate packages for Low Dose Pulmonary CT Screening:

a) Individual staff members: discounted rate with RMB3,500 on Low Dose Pulmonary CT Screening

b) Group of 5 individuals within an organization: discounted rate with RMB2,500 on Low Dose Pulmonary CT Screening

c) Group of 20 individuals within an organization: discounted rate with RMB2,500 on Low Dose Pulmonary CT Screening, an individual pulmonary function test and a 3-year Gold Card Membership to Sanfine International Hospital


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