Health & Lifesciences Talking Points 28-04-2016


GP’s to play bigger role in China’s Health System.
The State Councils healthcare reforms for the year have been published, outlining a General Practitioner (GPs) pilot program, as well as a reduction of dependence upon drug revenue for health centres. The State Council stated that the GOP pilot program will be rolled out across 200 cities this year which will allow service to 15 percent of urban citizens and 30 percent of key groups. The reform also details a new pricing mechanism for medication, which according to the State Council will ‘reduce the cost born by patients’, with the patients now having the ability to choose between buying their medication from hospitals or retail pharmacies. Click here for the full article.

China tries to restore confidence in vaccines following scandal
In response to the recent nationwide vaccines scare that occurred in March, the Chinese government is taking strident steps to help re-establish public confidence in vaccines. Following the 357 impeached officials, the Chinese government has adopted a variety of new regulations. Some of the new regulations include, reclassifying the distribution of ‘B-class (non-compulsory) vaccines so that they are now being distributed the same as A-class’ which is regulated by the national compulsory immunization program. In addition to this, disease control departments, hospitals and clinics must now all keep records of purchases and received inventory. In some cities the vaccine scare has resulted in a reduction of the number of vaccinated children, for example in the eastern city of Ningbo has the number of vaccinated children has decreased by as much as one fourth. Click here for the full article.


Study finds 20-year slump in exercise
According to a study published by the International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, Physical Activity amongst Chinese adults has rapidly declined during the last two decades prior to 2011. The study discovered that, during the two decades between 1991-2011, Chinese adults became more sedentary, with women having a steeper decline than that of men. The study also revealed that each generation had lower activity levels that the previous generation. Contrarily, a survey conducted by the China Institute of Sport Science found that the number of people participating in sport has risen in recent years, as people seek a healthy modern lifestyle. Click here for the full article.

CSIRO move ‘not enough’: staff
Representatives of CSIRO have stated that the agencies revised proposal for climate science does not go far enough, despite it being a ‘step in the right direction’. Sam Popovski, CSIRO Staff Association president stated that the revised proposal was indeed better than the original proposal, however overall has not been adequately justified from a scientific perspective and therefore should be withdrawn. As stated in previous articles, the yet to be established Climate Science Centre in Hobart will have a core staff of 40 climate scientists, which CEO Larry Marshall believes would reduce the number of climate science jobs lost from 65 to 40.  The Hobart facility will have guaranteed funding for the next 10 years and will be guided by the National Climate Science advisory committee. Click here for the full article.