Hong Kong International Medical Clinic offers Exclusive Benefits to AustCham Members

Chamber member Hong Kong International Medical Clinic Beijing is offering the following benefits exclusively to fellow members of the Australian Chamber of Commerce.

Free Membership Fee.

Free 24/7 Medical Hotlines. 

Special discount for the group’s Physical/Annual Examination.

Children can enjoy one-time immunization program according to different ages.

20% discount on their medical services fee, except on the following items:

  • Professor fee, medical fee and examination fee in the cooperative hospitals;
  • Dental Service: fees of orthodontics, restoration and implant;
  • Special packages (including physical examination package and sales promotion);
  • Insurance and direct billing service (the discount applies only to non-covered items after direct billing is applied).

Our advantages:

  1. Unlike common check-up centres, the first step in our clinic is to see a family medicine doctor (free) where the doctor will go through past medical history, family history and medical preferences.
  2. We collect the medical check-up data to provide appropriate treatment.
  3. Members can enjoy a 20% discount on first aid training course and health lectures.
  4. First Aid Support for events.
  5. Free health management for members, providing the appropriate intervention to:
    • Reduce the cost of claims
    • Improve the quality of their health
  6.  Free onsite vaccination fee: Hepatitis B, Influenza, etc.

Members can also acquire timely professional information, newsletters and expert suggestions.

For more information please contact marketing@hkclinic.com