Health & Lifesciences Talking Points 24-08-2016


In today’s Talking Points: Blackmores posts $100 million profit for the financial year, a 115 per cent increase year-on-year; E-commerce solution provider Azoya organises tour by Chinese e-commerce influencers of Australian pharmacies; Xi Jinping urges authorities at all levels to consider public health when drafting policies; Beijing based Berry Genomics and San Diego’s BioNano Genomics to partner to develop a next-generation mapping (NGM) system for China.

Blackmores posts 115 percent profit increase
While its shares fell 13 per cent to a five-week low of $139.50 at the start of trade on Wednesday, Blackmores today posted a $100 million profit for the financial year, a 115 per cent increase year-on-year and a 52 per cent increase in revenue over the year to $717.2 million marking its 14th straight year of sales growth. Blackmores shares will return a final dividend of $2.10, a total distribution of $4.10 for the year. CEO Christine Holgate warned that the Australian wholesale market has softened recently as retailers are destocking to cope with the changes to e-commerce regulation which have fundamentally impacted the `daigou’ channel. In April Blackmores recorded its largest ever one day fall in share price following the Chinese government’s e-commerce regulation changes. Blackmores plans to release its infant formula in China later this year.

Source: The Australian


Chinese e-commerce influencers tour Australian pharmacies
E-commerce solution provider Azoya, which assists foreign retailers to establish an e-commerce presence in China, has arranged for twelve influential Chinese online celebrities and editors of online shopping guide to visit the pharmacies and warehouses of key Australian and NZ customers; Pharmacy Online, Pharmacy 4 Less, Amcal, Kiwi Discovery and Pharmacy Direct. The delegation will view the production, supply, marketing, order fulfillment and customer service processes of the companies, which all have established ecommerce businesses in China. The group will also meet with vitamin giant Blackmores. The tour aims to build awareness among key Chinese opinion leaders of the authenticity and reliability of ethical products from Australia.



Xi Jinping urges all authorities to consider public health when drafting policies
Speaking at a meeting on the proposed Healthy China strategy, President Xi Jinping urged authorities at all levels to consider public health when drafting policies.  The details of the strategy are still being discussed but leaders at the meeting agreed health authorities alone could not tackle the task which encompasses socioeconomic, policy and personal factors, such as the environment and education.  Xi highlighted the impact of health on economic development and social stabilityand indicated that public health would be given priority in the national development strategy.  Liang Xiaofeng, deputy director the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that in addressing the most pressing health concerns in China today, prevention should be more important than treatment and highlighted that agencies responsible for education, urban planning. and food and drug safety need to work together to create healthy environments.

Source: China Daily


Berry Genomics and BioNano Genomics partner to develop an NGM system for China
Beijing based Berry Genomics announced last week it will partner with San Diego’s BioNano Genomics’ Irys system for next-generation mapping (NGM) as the platform on which it will seek approval of the Chinese regulatory authorities for a number of clinical indications. The companies will jointly develop the system to provide cost-effective, easy-to-use assays for detection of chromosomal structural variations. The new assays and instrument system will be manufactured only for the Chinese market and will undergo clinical testing in China before being submitted for review as per the Chinese Food and Drug Administration’s (CFDA) medical device registration process.

Source: China Bio Today