Healthcare and Life Sciences Talking Points 15-01-2016

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DNA tags to ensure authenticity

Counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs are becoming an increasing problem in modern and developing countries alike. Pharmaceutical companies and government regulators are continually looking for ways to mark genuine drugs and detect fakes. Biotech company Applied DNA Sciences may have an original solution: tagging legitimate drugs with engineered DNA. The tag allows for companies to mark their product with a unique DNA tag which can be checked by authorities using a simple detection tool. Click here for link.

American FDA raises concerns

Following the factory explosion in Tianjin last year, the FDA has issued a warning to US pharmaceutical manufacturers to be cautious of imported materials. The FDA has detected deadly cyanide in two shipments from Tianjin. Concerns have also been raised over potential cover ups by Chinese manufacturers of pharmaceutical ingredients after inspectors found evidence that unfavourable reports were deleted by one manufacturer. Click here for link.

Poor prognosis for China medical insurance fund

The future of China’s medical insurance fund is in doubt. The fund has failed to keep up with the surging rise in medical expenses that have been growing at a double-digit rate each year. Without intervention the fund will be unsustainable by 2020 according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Click here for link.


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