Healthcare and Life Sciences Talking Points 08-01-2016

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China drops approval for first and second children

The relaxation of China’s one child policy to a two child policy came into effect at the start of the New Year. Along with the introduction of this change, CPC announced the replacement of the previous approval system for a registration system. Under the approval system prospective parents were required to obtain official approval before having a first or second child. Click here for link

Medicinal bush tea revival

Found in remote Northern Territory the gulbarn plant has been used by Indigenous peoples to soothe coughs and colds for generations. Having similar taste and properties of green tea without containing caffeine, gulbarn tea is attracting interest from buyers across Australia, Taiwan and China. Operated entirely by the Indigenous community, the enterprise is an excellent example of traditional knowledge meeting modern marketing. Click here for link.

Online health market to hit $3.2 billion

China’s online health care market is expected to hit $3.2 billion in 2015, up 60%, according to a new report. This follows the big three internet companies expanding their online health care services. With China’s distinct low number of medical professionals servicing an aging population, online health services are seen to be necessary to meet the increasing demand. Click here for link.

Wanda Group invests in hospitals

The Wanda Group is investing $2.3 billion to build three hospitals in China. Partnering with International Hotels Group, Wanda plans on building a 1000 bed hospital in Shanghai and two other hospitals in Chengdu and Qingdao. Click here for link.


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