Healthcare & Life Sciences Talking Points 03-04-2016


Where did the pollution come from?

Coal is thought to be the main reason why big cities in the north like Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have been severely affected by the thick smog which blankets the city’s streets and skies. China’s growth and expansion was supported by coal production which was highest in Hebai. This intertwined with air pollution from Mongolia resulted in a cloud of pollution darkening China’s Skies. China’s government is attempting to combat the worst corporate offenders with fines and they are considering implementing similar polices to that of ‘Carbon Credits’ which aim to reduce greenhouse emissions through the purchase and trade of permits to emit these so called ‘dangerous gases’. Click here for the full article.

Sewage within Sydney Harbour 

Overflow pipes are to be built around the harbour in order to provide emergency relief during certain times throughout the year. Sydney Water who will be building these structures state that these pipes will be necessary in order to prevent sewage flowing back into homes. However critics have slammed the plans stating that the structures planned to be built are archaic and the years spent cleaning up Sydney’s Harbour will ruin any progress. Click here for the full article.

Australia under prepared to deal with ‘killer heat’

Heatwaves have long been a common occurrence in Australia but now the Climate Council has warned that the country is under prepared when it comes to scorching hot weather. The number of recorded hot days has doubled in the past 50 years, killing more people than any other natural disasters in Australia. Hospitals need to be more prepared to take in serious heat conditions and society as a whole needs to be more aware of the devastating affects and preventative measures available. Click here for the full article.

Herbal supplements – cure or a concern?

Alternative replacements to nutritious heart healthy food has been on the rise and thought by many as a quick fix. However recent reports indicate that herbal supplements may possibly be linked to unwanted and harmful side effects, with possible links to organ failure. Since 2011 six kidney and liver transplants were given to people who got sick after taking some form of a supplement. Health officials mentioned tighter regulations and controls are needed on such products. Click here for the full article.