Healthcare & Life Sciences Talking Points | 06/06/2018

In Today’s Talking Points: Biotech Booms in China, China’s science on Map and Using Technology in the Chinese Healthcare Market 

Biotech Booms in China 

Biotech specialists arriving in China found an industry at a turning point, with many key elements in place for innovation. A guy founded China Bio in 2007 and encouraged others to consider a move to China. He now runs the iHuman Institute at Shanghai Tech and is a member of Chinas Thousand Talents Plan. In 2017, he was awarded a Magnolia Prize, an accolade given to foreigners who have contributed significantly to Shanghai’s development.

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China’s Science on Map

China has started a large project of aiming to become the leader of science and technology by 2049. Scientists all around the world were involved, from physicists working on the fundamentals at the University of Science and Technology of China in growing the science hub of Hefei. This is a model made by a professor called Zhiyong Tang in China. They will try to strengthen the basic research in applied sciences, launch major national science and technology projects, and prioritize innovation to make it better for the current engineering technologies.

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Using Technology in the Chinese Healthcare Market

A Qingdao based Pharmaceutical Group is working with hospitals and government authorities in order to help improve the average life expectancy by one year, by the year 2020. Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, the group behind the charge had launched a digital program to help personalise healthcare practices. The company wants to target the small prescription drugs providers which have not invested in modern applications and technology infrastructure.

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