Financial Services Talking Points, 03-03-2016


Chinese manufacturing fall adds to evidence of sharp global downturn.

China joins the global decline in manufacturing output with the likes of the US and Europe, large orders have slumped as the global trade market remains uncertain. An underutilized taskforce in China still remains prevalent with a looming cut of 6 million state workers planed over the next few years. Global banks within the US, Japan and European central banks are preparing stimulations packages to prevent deflation and a recession. China’s manufacturing output continues to show contraction within its manufacturing output with a steady decline to 48.0 (previously 48.4 in January). Click here to read the full article.

Moody’s cuts China rating outlook to ‘negative’

Renowned US credit rating agency Moody’s, has dropped China’s rating from ‘Stable’ to ‘Negative’ in light of the current slump in the growth of the Chinese economy. The rise of government debt is putting a strain on China’s outlook for the future but analyst remain positive that there is still time for China to address the decline in growth through economic reforms and policy. Government debt has risen to 40.6% of GDP at the end of 2015 from 32.5% in 2012 and will likely increase as we go into 2017. Click here to read the full article.

China is spending nearly $1 trillion to rebuild the Silk Road

China continues to steam ahead with plans to build the old ‘silk road’, which ties trade with 60 countries within Asia and Europe. Known as the ‘One belt, one road’; this initiative is one of the largest in modern times with an estimated future investment of $1 trillion and would connect 4.4 billion people. This initiative will see the expansion of two means of trade routes – the ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ which covers road & rail and the ‘Maritime Silk Road’ which covers the sea component. The AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) has $100 billion of funding and will continue to grow with an announcement in June last year that the China Development Bank plans to invest $890 billion on a vast array of projects. However many critics question this initiative especially as the Chinese economy has shown a decrease in growth and increase in debt over the years. Click here to read the full article.

Alibaba looking to increase holdings in the media sector.

Alibaba plans to take a stake into Caixin of china’s top business magazines, as it plans to raise its stake in the media empire. Currently Caixin’s biggest shareholder is China Media Capital which is a Shanghai based media and entertainment investment firm. Ant Financial Services group, which is the financial arm for Alibaba group holding Ltd, is currently speculated to be in discussions with the giant media firm. If the deal comes to fruition it will be the second largest media investment for the firm since the $266 million acquisition of South China Morning Post (English based newspaper in Hong Kong). Click here to read the full article.