Food & Agribusiness Talking Points| 24/01/2017

In today’s talking points: Chicken coops of the future will see Robot Nannies look After 3 million Chickens; Australian Live cattle exports to China; Winha Commerce and Trade International in the Goulburn Valley; Lannister introduces ‘The Taste of Australia’ to China

Chicken coops of the future will see Robot Nannies look After 3 million Chickens

Chinese consumers are increasingly sceptical about their groceries which have forced food processors such as Chaoren Pokphand Group to take large measures to ensure the quality of their food. CP Group is deploying a flock of robots to convince costumers its birds are healthy. 3 million laying hens will receive daily check-ups from ‘nanny robots.’ The sensor-filled humanoids roll around a windowless coop for 12 hours a day, monitoring the hens’ temperatures and movements. Vice chairman of CP group, Xie Yi, says ‘Food safety is a major problem in China… we want to control the whole chain from the farm to the table. Problems sometimes involve human error, so full automation enhances the safety level.’ China is the world’s largest producer of eggs and its consumers have been plagued by fake eggs since at least 2005. Xinhua News Agency said they were discovered being sold at a street market in Guangzhou. The shells were made of calcium carbonate, while the egg white and yolk were a combination of sodium alginate, gelatine and tartrazine. Although CP groups doesn’t mention the robots in consumer advertising, it has told wholesale customers about them. Xie stated that ‘it really helped us to stand out in the market and instilled confidence in our customers such as supermarkets and other food retailers’.

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Australian Live cattle exports to China

Australia’s first sea-bound live cattle shipments to China are expected to hit waters within weeks. West Australian-based exporters, Wellard, are set to begin regular shipments of slaughter cattle to a northern China abattoir specifically rebuilt to meet strict protocols for cattle sourced from Australia only. Four Australian exporters are known to have Australian government approval to end stock to China under the Exporter Supply Chian Assurance System (ECAS). Wellard, have confirmed it has submitted multiple China market ESCAS applications and are looking to make their initial shipment up to about 3000 yearling cattle from south-eastern Australia. Exporters suggest Chinese demand for live cattle for immediate processing (within two weeks of arrival) could see up to 150,00 shipped there in 2017 and more next year.

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 Winha Commerce and Trade International in the Goulburn Valley

Winha’s target consumers are the Chinese middle to upper class how are willing to pay for organised and certified ‘green’ produce. The company has stores across Guangdong, restaurants and leases of orchard and vegetable farms, being invested in every step of the food chain. Winha’s Chairman, Jackie Chung paid a visit to Australia last year to directly negotiate with farmers. On this trip to Australia, Mr. Chung and other representatives of Winha signed a Memoranda of Understanding with cherry and pear growers in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley, Shepparton. Winha’s stocks have risen as high as 70 cents. Winha’s listing arrives at a time discount supermarket Aldi sets its sights on expanding into the Chinese market. Both Winha and Aldi hope foster relationships with Australian producers as the Chinese demand more organic and high quality produce.

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 Lannister introduces ‘The Taste of Australia’ to China

Wine Company Lannister is showcasing what Australia can offer through it’s own web series: The Taste of Australia (澳洲酩探). Lannister has partnered with Chinese media company, KEYI Media who produce shows such as Running Man China and The Voice of China to successfully engage the Chinese market. The Taste of Australia will not only educate wine aficionados to appreciate and understand wine, but will also cover content in food, fashion and Australia lifestyle. The main purpose of the series is to promote winery and sell wine in China as well as South Australia as a tourist destination. Lannister will be representing wine brands such as Barossa, Adelaide Hills, Mclaren Vale and the Murray Lands. The episodes will be released on the first of each month. 

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