Food & Agribusiness Talking Points 23-11-15

Vice-Premier Wang Yang elaborates on plans for China’s agricultural modernization

One of the objectives outlined in the proposal for the 13th Five –Year Plan is agricultural modernization. Last week, Vice-Premier Wang Yang published an article in the People’s Daily further describing the Chinese government’s plans. The focus will be on innovation, both technological and managerial, in an effort to scale-up more farms into large professional enterprises. Click here for the full article.

WA Liberal MP Melissa Price proposes incentives for more agricultural R&D

During hearings in the House of Representatives, MPs and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources discussed barriers to greater R&D spending in agriculture, and the path to implementation for new technologies. Click here for the full article.

Australian government reacts to Port of Darwin sale

Federal Treasurer Morrison is planning new legislation in the wake of the controversial sale of a 99-year lease for the Port of Darwin to Landbridge, a Chinese company with alleged links to the Chinese Communist Party and the PLA. The Treasurer has stated that there are consultations taking place with states and territories, citing constitutional issues which bar the Commonwealth Government from moving unilaterally. Click here for the full article.

Chinese bid for Kidman stations blocked

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has blocked two Chinese firms from purchasing S. Kidman and Co Limited, which owns 1.3% of Australia’s total land area. Morrison said his decision was based on the recommendation from the Foreign Investment Review Board. Click here for the full article.

Michelle Grattan comments on both the Port of Darwin sale and Morrison’s decision to block the sale of S Kidman and Co. Limited in her column on The Conversation. Click here for the full article.

China Dairy Corp. Ltd. to be listed on ASX

China Dairy Corporation Limited, valued at approximately $A150 million, sees listing on the Australian Stock Exchange as “a key milestone in China Dairy’s history which will herald a new phase of growth for our company as we capitalise the increase in demand for dairy products”. China Dairy produces 600 tonnes per day from a herd of more than 40,000 cows in Heilongjiang province from its own resources and exclusive partners. Click here to read the full article.

Dairy prices drop in the short-run, but up since August

Milk prices on the GlobalDairy Trade auction site are down 7.9% since the start of November, however they are still 35% above their August lows. Agrimoney evaluates several possible factors including a bearish market, less New Zealand production, Dutch support for higher prices and China’s new Two-Child policy. Click here to read the full article.