Food & Agribusiness Talking Points | 13/06/2018

In Today’s Talking Points: China sets out more measures to modernise dairy industry, Stone fruit exports to China surge under free trade agreement and Snacking at work may be bad for you

China sets out more measures to modernise dairy industry

China’s administrative body has announced measures to improve the quality of dairy products produced within the mainland. Through increased technological innovation, reduced costs and increased efficiency, a modernised milk industry is expected by 2020.  In order to ensure the quality of formula milk powder for infants, serious measures and regulations will be taken.

The State Council anticipates that the entire whole milk industry in China will be revitalised in 2025 with milk source bases, product processing, quality and industry competitiveness to reach the highest standards internationally.

Source: Just-Food

Stone fruit exports to China surge under free trade agreement

The Australia-China Free Trade Agreement has brought peachy results to the stone fruit export market in Australia, with the nectarine, peach and plum reaching almost 5000 tonnes within 2 years. The Summerfruit Australia Chief Executive John Moore expressed hope that the stone fruit industry would soon meet the same position as citrus and grape industries.

China and Hong Kong accounted for almost half of total stone fruit exports bring Australian farmers to feel optimistic for further demand.

Source: The Weekly Times

Snacking at work may be bad for you

Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture survey was used in a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been used to find that food at workplaces tend to have high amounts of sodium and refined grains. The study found that the average 1,300 calories obtained weekly in workplace food, more than 70% came from free food. Suggestions on how to avoid the excess calories include watching what you eat more closely, do not be tempted by free office food and bring your own food from home.

Source: USA Today