The Food & Agribusiness Industry Forum aims to broadly represent the needs of AustCham China members in the food & agribusiness industry, by promoting and facilitating their business interests.

Food & Agribusiness Industry Forum Objectives:

  • To lobby on behalf of the Australian agricultural industry in which to better serve their interests, in priority areas including trade access, awareness, integrity, technology, skills and investment.
  • To represent Australian agricultural providers and to assist them in building local connections within China.
  • To facilitate the transfer of skills, technology and practices between the Australian and Chinese agricultural industry.
  • Promote Australian food brands in Australia.

The Industry Forum consists of members from a diverse range of industries in the food & agribusiness sector, including livestock exporters, beef and meat exporters, food distributors, agrifinance and wool distributors.

AustCham members with interest in the Food & Agribusiness Industry Forum in addition to relevant visiting Australian ministers, meet regularly for planning and discussion on member related industry updates, roundtable events with additional ad hoc speakers and industry fairs throughout the year. Members in this sector also benefit from initiatives such as live industry update events, industry related news talking points, online resources and white papers.

The Industry Forum relies on sponsorship and generosity of its membership base.


 Industry Forum Key Members