Financial Services Talking Points | 10/04/2018

In Today’s Talking Points: We must retaliate when people damage our interests, says China’s vice finance minister; China joins HK-U.S. battle for Chinese tech listings;’s Finance Arm Looking to Raise $1.9 Billion in fresh equity at a $20 Billion Valuation

We must retaliate when people damage our interests, says China’s vice finance minister

The building tensions between China and the US have intensified in aftermath of the US releasing new tariffs on China’s major imported goods, such as soybeans, cars and whisky. Despite the blow, China’s administration have held their ground by implementing new tariffs in response on 106 American products, which are worth $50 billion.

China’s vice Finance minister has emphasised that they do not wish for trade-war, but rather solve the current impasse through a more constructive means.

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China joins HK-U.S. battle for Chinese tech listings

Exciting times are ahead for Chinese tech firms as both Hong Kong and mainland China rival to lead initial public offerings. In 2017, Charles Li, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Exchange, announced plans to help upcoming Chinese tech giants to go public. Now, China’s securities regulator has broadcasted its own pilot scheme to encourage the very same group of companies to list in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

In order to avoid successful Chinese innovative companies hurrying abroad, China has stepped up its efforts to attract Chinese tech companies and encourage innovation at home.

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How China became a global leader in a green finance

China is becoming a leader in green finance innovation and many people are pointing their finger towards Dr. Ma Jun, the chairman of Green Finance Committee of Chinese Society for Finance and Banking, as the reason why. The green bond market in China was officially launched in 2016, making them the worlds largest issuer of green Bonds. Not only does Ma believe that publicising benefits of a green bond market can attract greater potential customers, but also forge greater success at an investor level.

Mr. Ma will be speaking at the Macao International Environment Co-operation Forum & Exhibition from April 12-14 to speak further about green finance.

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