Food and Agribusiness Talking Points 1-09-2016


In today’s talking points: Remote cattle management system using satellite data nears commercialization; Hebei closes 2,000 wells to tackle subsistence; Farmers’ income grow through the use of internet manual on killing chickens humanely to get better quality meat

Remote cattle management system using satellite data nears commercialization

A remote pastoral management system, known as the Precision Pastoral Management Tools (PPMT) system, will be available to farmers from next year after several years of trials on cattle stations across northern Australian. The system, allows farmers to measure the weight of cattle through a tracking system, which weighs individually tagged cows as they walk over a weighing platform to get to a watering point. The weight data is combined with a satellite pasture mapping system, to help farmers make decisions on feeding supplement as well as whether to hold or sell stock. Many cattle producers have shown a strong interest in the PPMT system.

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Hebei closes 2,000 wells to tackle subsistence

Hebei province plans to close more than 2,000 wells in 2016 to address shrinking wetlands and subsidence problems caused by overexploitation of groundwater. A 8.7 billion yuan treatment plan, will see 570 wells filled and further 1,680 sealed in cities with access to water from the Hangjiang River through the south-to-north water diversion project. This year a further 52 counties and cities will be brought under the treatment plan, bringing the total number of pilot counties or cities to 115. Hebei, will also offer subsidies to farmers who take water-saving measures such as planting drought-resistant wheat varieties. The province will also cut winter wheat cultivation in overexploited areas.

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Farmers’ income grow through the use of Internet

In Xichuan, local government has introduced online technology to improve agribusiness by teaching farmers how to use e-commerce, market data and other techniques. Using the Internet has brought large revenues for farmers who sell their produce through websites, as well as to manage other areas of businesses. Increasing crowdfunding sites made financing new ventures easier and beneficial to attract more investment. Encouraging an ‘Internet Plus’ economy will continue to inspire and create greater opportunities for the Chinese food and agricultural markets.

Source: China Daily

Manual on killing chickens humanely to get better quality meat


Qingdao Agricultural University (located in Shandong province) created a new technical manual to encourage the use of more humane methods to slaughter chickens. It includes measures to minimize fear, stress and pain of animal experience; guidelines to ensure the environment of transporting live chickens is with proper temperature and humidity, etc. Chicken takes up 15% of all meat consumption in China, which is relatively low compared to the 60% pork consumption. With greater technical guidance on chicken-slaughter, meat quality would improve and thus help to expand markets overseas.

Source: China Daily Europe