Food & Agribusiness Talking Points 01-02-2016

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Global pork prices to hit 10 year lows

Sufficient supply and modest demand development means the Rabobank five-nation hog index will reach 10 year lows in the first 3 months of 2016. Chinese demand is expected to rise in 2016, however with the Russian pork industry picking up and exports from the US and Brazil expected to increase, global prices will stay low until around April 2016 where prices are expected to pick up again. Click here for article.


Chinese banks lend more to agriculture in 2015

The Agricultural Development Bank of China poured more funding into the Chinese agricultural industry, funding around $120 billion USD, more than double that in 2014. The policy was an effort by the government in which to modernise the industry, and boost rural development. The bank’s outstanding loans stood at 3.44 trillion RMB the end of 2015. Click here for article.


Like biblical Egypt, Argentina facing locust plague

Argentina’s agricultural inspection agency is keeping up efforts in which to contain a serious locust infestation affecting 3 states. Covering about 700,000 hectares, the plague which was initially warned on by farmers in July has no left authorities rushing to mitigate disaster, with the plague the worst since 1954. Click here for article.


Angus beef’s selling power

Every major processor has the Angus brand on their product range, with consumers asking for the Angus beef by name illustrating the marketing power of the label. Consumers demand quality every time, as Don Mackay the managing director of NSW-based operation Rangers Valley put it, “A brand must deliver something and it has to be lived up to every single time”. This is further evident through the results at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards, and World Steak Awards. Click here for article.