Education Talking Points 01-06-2016


Researcher reports that Queensland app can improve children’s learning in a week

A literacy and numeracy app created by Griffith University’s Dr. Michelle Neumann is currently being trialled in Queensland. Researchers say that it shows promising signs of being able to dramatically improve the reading and learning abilities of children over the course of one week. Targeted towards children from ages four to five, the app has assessment features for use by teachers, and can be used by parents to email home results to the classroom as well. It teaches children to be able to recognise different sounds, letters, words and numbers, and trials have shown that childcare students can be averaging 80% in tests after a week of use. Click here for the full article.


Somali school receives donations of learning materials from China

The Hamar Jajab primary school, located in Somali capital Mogadishu, has recently received a donation of learning materials from the Chinese Embassy in Somalia. Chinese Ambassador Wei Hongtian spoke at the ceremony, expressing Beijing’s interest in supporting Somali education and the rebuilding of the economy – he announced that multiple other new projects will take place soon. Among the donated materials were chairs, tables, schoolbags and books, but the Chinese Embassy also assisted in repairing parts of the school and building a playground for the students. Click here for the full article.


Chinese students attending more summer camps abroad

A recent trend in Chinese parents sending their children overseas for educational summer camps has emerged, according to Chinese travel agency Ctrip. This sees parents opting to forego standard tourism or language study experiences in favour of activities at summer camps that children might not ordinarily have access to in China, such as wilderness survival, pottery and ballet. Ctrip reports that summer camp bookings have made up more than thirty percent of its overseas study tours figures for this year. Additionally, the average age of children participating in these camps has decreased from 2014, suggesting that parents are exposing their children to these experiences earlier and earlier. Click here for the full article.


Biggest rise in Chinese graduate job opportunities seen in primary and secondary education sectors 

A report released by MyCOS, an education consulting firm, has revealed that primary and secondary sectors of education have been responsible for 8.7 percent of job opportunities for 2015 graduates. Other sectors that experienced notable growth in job opportunities included finance, medical care, publishing and internet development. Despite the growth in the availability of elementary education job opportunities for graduates, the average starting salary for these positions is the lowest, at 3500RMB per month. Click here for the full article.