Energy & Resources Talking Points 15-04-2016


China General Nuclear Power Corp outlines plans for Malaysia
With the confirmation of clean energy assets in several ‘Belt and Road’ countries, China General Nuclear Power Corp (CNG) has outlined its future plans for a South-East Asian CNG Headquarter located in Malaysia. The Chinese state-owned energy giant stated that they intent to push for the implementation of solar power projects in East Malaysia, this statement following the completion of its deal with Edra, a company which accounts for 14% of the total generation capacity of Malaysia. CGN’s acquisition of Edra and its underlying assets, including 13 clean energy projects, is in accordance with CGN’s focus on green energy and all projects are located within ‘Belt and Road’ countries. This deal saw CGN become the largest foreign direct investor in Malaysia and biggest power producer in both Egypt and Bangladesh. Click here for the full article.

Rain-powered energy developed by Chinese to increase solar efficiency
Chinese scientists are reportedly developing a groundbreaking new solar panel technology, which has the potential to turn raindrops into electric power. Professor Qunwei Tang from the Ocean University of China articulated that this new technology will utilize a thin layer of highly conductive graphene in conjunction with the salt contained in rain to produce energy. The Science News Journal elaborates on this point, stating “the water actually clings to the graphene forming a dual layer (AKA pseudocapacitor) with the graphene electrons. The energy difference between these layers is so strong that it generates electricity.” This development will allow Solar panels to be utilized in both cloudy and sunny weather climates. Click here for the full article.

ARENA announces new board and chairman
On Wednesday the Minister for Environment, Greg Hunt, announced that six new directors have been appointed to the board of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to be headed up by new chairman, Martijn Wilder. Wilder is a practiced environmental lawyer with impressive experience as head of Baker & McKenzie’s global environmental markets practice, board director of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and an adjunct professor at the prestigious Australian National University. The other five directors are Meg McDonald, Susan Jeanes, Jonathan Jutsen, Katherine Woodthorpe and Maria Atkinson. Hunt emphasised that the newly appointed board members have the skills and experience to help ARENA improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia. Click here for the full article.

China set on increasing its consumption on LNG and cut carbon emissions
State owned CNOOC stressed how LNG will be a vital player in meeting China’s Gas demands and reducing Co2 emissions as pledged at COP21 (last year’s UN climate change conference). President Li Hui of CNOOC, stated that LNG will take on a big share of China’s growing gas market. Currently China’s energy mix is derived predominately from coal, but as it looks to more sustainable and less polluted sources, it envisages that coal usage would be cut down to 60% through initiatives which focus on renewables and natural gas. President Li said LNG will provide greater national energy security, clean up coastal areas and drive development into infrastructure. Currently China has 11 terminals which are able to integrate LNG into China’s gas grid. With the development of 3 further terminals and investments, China seems set on using LNG to help reduce its carbon footprint and reliance on coal. Click here for the full article.