Energy & Resources Talking Points | 25/01/2018


Australia wind farms helped increase renewable energy jobs

December 2017 saw a 17 per cent growth in renewable energy jobs, rising from 15,691 to 21,168. The boom in wind farms contributed the majority of the employability increase, accounting for 71 per cent. There are 79 wind farms in operation and will be at least another six due to be built in 2018. It is reported that other sources of power generation are now dwarfed by wind power in Australia.
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China with great capacity to help power-stricken African countries

Chinese energy experts claimed that Chinese know-how in renewable energy could help more than 600 million African people gain electricity through clean and sustainable power. Africa is seen as a continent with great potential for energy development where vast renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass, have not yet been tapped. China, on the other hand, is reported to be the biggest investor in renewable energy by the World Economic Forum, and thus has the ability to help African countries.


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Australia Scientists to use drones to monitor ocean temperatures


The countries leading scientific body, the CSIRO, has partnered with a company from San Francisco to improve its monitoring ability of Australian waters. The information collected will be used to measure factors such as salinity, ocean carbon, and sea-surface temperatures. The drones will be able to be remotely controlled from a research facility, and can be at sea for up to 12 months through technology that allows them to be powered by natural resources such as the wind and sun.


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China shifts towards renewables


China’s installed renewable capacity now comprises 36.6% of the total installed capacity in the country according to the National Energy Administration. China’s clean energy drive is expected to continue, with solar energy taking up a greater share than beforehand. Only a 1/3rd of China’s northern cities currently use clean energy for winter heating. It is forecasted that by 2040, coal will comprise less than 40% of China’s energy needs.


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