Education Talking Points 12-01-2016

education talking points

A blessing from the sky for Curtin researchers

Curtin University researchers have recovered a meteorite from outback South Australia on New Year’s Eve. The meteorite was originally seen falling in late November by locals. A group of camera observatories stationed across remote Australia, known as the Desert Fireball Network, captured the meteorites decent, and from the footage Curtin researchers were able to locate it. Click here for full article.


Chess in schools can help lift economic growth, says John Adams

Fresh from espousing the economic virtues of chess at an international Chess Conference in London, John Adams believes Australia’s falling education outcomes and sputtering productivity growth could be helped by a greater focus on playing chess in schools. “I’m not saying it’s a silver bullet but there is definitely a public policy role for chess that policy makers shouldn’t discount,” he says, pointing to a range of studies that show chess playing has improved students’ maths and problem-solving abilities. A management consultant and former political advisor, Mr Adams believes Australia’s weak chess culture” is holding back its potential. Click here for full article.


Trial of early school start time at Moree East Public continues

There’s been a mixed response to a trial of a change in hours at a school in Moree, in northern New South Wales. The trial, in an attempt to better engage students, sees school begin at 8:00am and finish at 1:15pm. The trial has received mixed feedback, some parents have been critical of the fact children are leaving school in the early afternoon. The trial has one term left to run. Click here for full story.