Education Talking Points | 26/10/2017

In today’s talking points: Internet to deliver improved education to rural China; Chinese teachings propel African agriculture; Report ranking 1,250 universities on academic research released; Chinese language and culture students perform at 2017 Spectacular in NSW

Internet to deliver improved education to rural China 

The Chi Heng Foundation and Internet based education companies Hujiang and Hu+ were just some of the educational organisations present at the Internet-Plus Volunteer Teaching meeting at Shanghai’s Tongji University this month. Attendees met to discuss the ways in which the Internet can minimize educational inequality in China, where 4.9 times more children are likely to be enrolled in education in cities than in rural areas. Geographical barriers to education have been permeated by Internet technology that enables teachers to share resources and gives greater numbers of children access to a wider variety of subjects. Chi Heng’s Volun-Online also sees teachers interact with students, who are then able to meet their teachers in person at term’s end.

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Chinese teachings propel African agriculture

Fifty-three year old, He Wang, a research fellow from the Hunan Fisheries Science Institute, has been helping to transform Arica’s agricultural infrastructure since 2003. In Ethiopia, He has taught fish farming, contributed to the development of Africa’s first standardized aquaculture base, mentored over 3,000 students and is now preparing to publish Africa’s first aquaculture textbook. Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and officials from China’s Ministry of Agriculture recently recognized He for her dedication to Africa. He is just one of 2,000 Chinese agricultural experts who have assisted Africa since 2002, in an industry that, according to Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Country Representative to Rwanda, Attaher Maiga, “holds the key to economic growth, poverty reduction and food security in Africa.”

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Report ranking 1,250 universities on academic research released

U.S News & World Report have released The 2018 Best Global Universities rankings comprising of 1,250 universities across 74 countries. U.S. schools hold the highest 4 spots with Harvard University taking first place in overall best global university. The U.S. topped with a total of 221 universities making the list, followed by China with 136. Universities that emphasise academic research, including international collaboration, ranked the highest. Tsinghua University in China tops the list again for engineering and has replaced MIT as number 1 in computer science.

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Chinese language and culture students perform at 2017 Spectacular in NSW

The 2017 Chinese Language Spectacular organized by the Confucius Institute at University of New South Wales and the Chinese Language Teacher Association of NSW showcased talents of Chinese language students across NSW. Roughly 800 students from 36 local schools expressed their interest in the Chinese language and culture through participation in the event. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Australian-Chinese diplomatic relations. Niu Wenqi, Education Counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney emphasizes the need to continue to build stronger bridges of friendship between our two countries and students, as “they are our future”.

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