Education Talking Points 22-12-2015

education talking points


Monash, Peking University in exchange partnership

Monash University has partnered with one of China’s top universities to give students the opportunity to live and study in Australia’s top trading neighbour. Under the agreement with Beijing’s Peking University, Monash bachelor of international business students will have the opportunity for a 12-week exchange in China. Funding for the program was secured under the federal government’s New Colombo Plan. Monash’s bachelor of international business was launched in February 2015 and runs on a trimester model. Dr Errol Muir, Monash bachelor of international business program director, said the degree aims to produce “internationally focused” graduates. Click here for full article.


Science graduates struggling to find full-time employment

The annual Australian Graduate Survey shows 48.7 per cent of life science graduates had a full-time job four months after graduating, compared with 46.9 per cent of visual and performing arts graduates, traditionally the worst-performing discipline. Graduates in chemistry and the physical sciences did not fare much better. “There has never been a shortage of people with degrees in the pure sciences and it’s getting worse. To encourage people to do these degrees is to give them seriously bad advice because there is no reason to believe there are good employment prospects in the near future.” Said Andrew Norton of the Grattan Institute, in reference to the current government’s innovation agenda. Click here for full article.


ARC awards $38.6 million for 50 Future Fellowships

The Australian Research Council has splashed out $38.6 million to 50 new research projects via the latest round of the Future Fellows scheme. The scheme allocates money to provide four-year fellowships to mid-career researchers. Simon Birmingham, the Federal Education Minister, said the funding would build on the Turnbull Government’s innovation agenda. “To be an innovative nation, we must support our outstanding researchers to ensure we retain a strong research workforce for many years to come,” Birmingham said. The next round of Future Fellowships will be announced December 16, 2016. Click here for full article.


Reforming vocational education

There is evidence of rorting and rent-seeking in the VET sector, highlighting a need for reform. Many students are being signed up for courses they won’t complete because providers will still receive the VET FEE HELP payment from the government, provided the student is enrolled beyond the census date. Government has intervened, training providers can no longer provide incentives such as laptops and iPads to applicants. Providers will no longer receive up-front payment for the whole course. Click here for full article.