Education Talking Points | 14/12/2016


In today’s talking points: Chinese Billionaire buys leading share of Australian Childcare Centre Operator; Australia: Children of migrants are performing better in school; Revival of Chinese rural schools; Australian University offers a new platform for education via MOOCs

Chinese Billionaire buys leading share of Australian Childcare Centre Operator

A Hong Kong-listed real estate developer by the name of Fullshare Holdings, controlled by Chinese billionaire Ji Changqun has now agreed to buy approximately 90% of Sparrow Early Learning, a childcare centre operator based in Queensland, Australia. Fullshare hopes to work with the Sparrow management team to provide quality child care services in Australia, and to be on the lookout for other markets for expansion. The operator hopes to have 24 centres across Melbourne and Brisbane by January. Fullshare holdings also announced earlier this year real estate investments in Queensland. Fullshare is headquartered in Nanjing, China.

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Australia: Children of migrants are performing better in school

NAPLAN results show that students from migrant background were outperforming their peers from English-speaking backgrounds in many areas. Experts are unsurprised by the results stating that children of migrants were likely to be more studious because of the families’ higher likelihood to instil a sense of success with education, with education also being a way to not only integrate into the Australian society, but also to become successful people and successful citizens. Education Minister Simon Birmingham says the results are indicative of a strong school system but places importance on funding being spent on things proven to lift results.

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Revival of Chinese rural schools

Over the past two decades’, Chinese rural schools have been slowly reducing in numbers as well as budget cuts leading to a shortage of teachers. However, The Ministry of Education is now allocating funds to rural schools to provide the teachers and facilities necessary for the students. Additionally, NGO’s are also contributing by funding training programs and books that supplement the state’s curriculum. As a result from funding, children can stay near their families in their rural towns and therefore increase enrolment levels.

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Australian University offers a new platform for education via MOOCs

Next year, Deakin University will offer post graduate degrees via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The distance learning course will offer degrees in areas of study such as social services, finance and healthcare. This initiative was launched despite the projection of a decline in online learning platforms. However, China and Australia aim to make programs more accessible to a wider range of students.

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