Education Talking Points | 09/08/18

In today’s talking points WA unis cut fees to attract overseas students, PM Malcolm Turnbull sings praises of Chinese students, Holiday classes increase Chinese parents’ anxiety about education, Heightened use of CCTV in NSW schools


WA unis cut fees to attract overseas students 

In an attempt to increase declining international student enrolment rates, Western Australian universities have offered overseas students large discounts on tuition fees.

International Education Association of Australia chief executive Phil Honeywood said the higher education sector in WA had now seen a 22 per cent year-on-year decline in English language course enrolments, compared to a national growth in English language enrolments of 3 per cent.

According to experts, this due to the state ending participation in the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, which used to offer an advantage for immigrants wishing to settle permanently in Perth.

Source: The Australian


PM Malcolm Turnbull sings praises of Chinese students

In a speech at The University of New South Whales on Tuesday, Malcolm Turnbull has emphasised the importance of higher education in relations between Australia and China.

More than 125,000 Chinese ­nationals were enrolled at Australian universities in May this year, and students from China make up 62 per cent of international student enrolments at Group of Eight universities.

Higher education, Mr Turnbull said, was of “vital importance to our comprehensive, strategic partnership with China”.

Source: The Australian


Holiday classes increase Chinese parents’ anxiety about education

Parents in China feel an increase in pressure to send their children for classes over the summer break so their children do not fall behind.

It has been reported that this pressure comes from other parents who are sending their children to holiday classes.

According to a survey conducted by China Youth Daily, 93 per cent responded that their children take the holiday classes and 65 per cent expressed a wish for the attitude of parents to change.

Source: Xin Hua Net 


Heightened use of CCTV in NSW schools

 More than 200 CCTV units have been deployed in NSW schools, including Gordon West Public School, Sydney Boys High School, and Castle Hill High School, among others.

NSW Department of Education states that the CCTV cover mainly external areas and will not be used to monitor student behaviour. However some community members say that the CCTV may compromise privacy and offer unnecessary surveillance.

Source: Nine News