Dental package offered to Chamber members by Sanfine International Hospital

Chamber member Sanfine International Hospital in Beijing is offering the following dental treatment package to fellow members of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in China.

Annual Benefits

* Annual ultrasonic dental cleaning (once a year)

* Comprehensive dental check-up (including complete physical assessment and periodontal tissue examination)

* German Sirona dental CT scan with 3D radiography inclusive of one CD record for member (once a year)

* Oral small digital X-ray where necessary

* Restoration of 3-decayed teeth per year

* Dental examination booklet for children under 18 years of age along with a complete dental check-up conducted every six months

* 20% discount on additional oral health services and treatments

* 20% discount on oral health services and treatments for immediate family members (parents and children only)

Eligibility and fees:

* Employee of Chamber/CBBC member company, including their parents and children:

* Corporate dental membership package per person, per year: RMB 650 (ten persons and above)

* Individual dental membership package per person, per year: RMB 980


Christopher Xia (+86) 10 6413 6729 For information on Sanfine International Hospital, please follow this link.