Yangko International Trade CO.,LTD

Guangzhou Yangko International Trade CO.,LTD was found in 2015. We focus on businesses between China and Australia. At present we mainly supply the series products of Tamburlain winery of NSW of Australia. Tamburlain is the largest organic wines supplier rated as red five star winery. It has extraordinary full flavor of flower and fruit. We supply more than 20 different kinds of original bottles wines.

We also give the consumers skin care and health products from auspicial company of Sydney. These products utilized the natural essences of Australia and have win warm praise from Chinese people. We will push the sales of these products with great energy. Expanding the influence of those brands! We can do it!


Tel:_­+86(20)22063919 (Angelia)

Mobile:+86 137 6333 6905

Eamail: angel_yangko@163.com

Address: NO.303 Gang Qian Road, Huang Pu District Guangzhou


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