Trustiics is an online marketplace based in Ottawa, Canada with a subsidiary in Shanghai, China. Trustiics provides international companies doing business in China with direct online access to high-quality, convenient and affordable legal consultation, legal due diligence and legal translation provided by top-quality English speaking Chinese legal professionals.

Trustiics has adopted very high standards in selecting and pre-vetting legal professionals, and 100% of the legal counsel have good experience with top international law firms, leading Chinese law firms or the legal departments of multinational corporations’ China operations.

Benefits to our registered users:

  • Direct access to top-quality Chinese legal professionals
  • Much faster and more convenient to get high-quality legal answers/translation done
  • Quality control: lawyers sign up by invitation and pre-vetting & lawyers’ fees are linked to users’ satisfaction and ratings
  • Pay as you go + discounted hourly rates (no subscription fee, no retainer fee or any hidden cost)
  • Transparent: you manage the process through an individualized dashboard
  • Our platform is built and hosted on Amazon AWS and data transport, storage and backup are protected by the highest cloud security standards 是一家总部位于加拿大渥太华并在中国上海设有子公司的电子商务平台。Trustiics的主营业务是为在中国开展业务的国际公司提供与英语流利、高水平的中国法律专业人士直接对接的在线咨询平台,从而满足客户就中国市场相关的各方面的法律咨询、法律尽职调查和法律翻译等需求。



  • 更直接:获得了与顶尖中国法律专业人士直接对接的渠道
  • 更快捷:随时可以获得高质量的法律解答/翻译
  • 严格的质量控制:律师只能通过邀请加入并经过严格的预先审核进行注册;律师的费用以用户的满意度和评分挂钩
  • 更经济:无月费或首付款,随用随付 + 更低的费率
  • 更透明:您可以通过个性化的相关管理中心了解每一个事件的流程
  • 更安全:我们的平台在亚马逊AWS上构建,并且数据传输,存储和备份受到最高云安全标准的保护


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Contact Name: Tianpeng Wang

Position: CEO