Truewine 悠醇酒业

Truewine 悠醇酒业

Established in 2019, Truewine has the distribution or exclusive right of selling dozens of fine wines of d’Arenberg which is the top double red five star winery in Australia. It is committed to bringing high-quality Australian wines and the related superior services to tens of millions of wine lovers in China.
Truewine means to provide the high-quality wines and services all the way to help our customers enjoy a life of ease. Our philosophy is to focus on and understand the deepest needs of customers by selecting the cost-effective products and providing professional tasting advice and guidance to customers through the good transportation and storage to ensure that each bottle of wine is tasted in the best condition and every sip is a memorable experience.
We devote ourselves to the wine business to bring the passion for wine and wine culture to China with advanced ideas and sincerity. Our vision is to work hard to promote the development and standardization of wine industry in the Chinese market in ten years.
•100 years old in 2012•100% family owned 

•4 generation of the Osborns, Joeseph Rowe Osborn, Frank, d’Arry, Chester 

•Third generation Francis d’Arenberg Osborn (universally known as d’Arry) is the Managing Director  

•Fourth generation winemaker Chester Osborn is the Chief Winemaker and Viticulturist 

•Over 60 wines, exported to over 60 countries. 

•Wines available through both major and independent retailers, on premise, off trade (supermarkets), or via cellar door and online store.

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