Tonino Lamborghini Center

Tonino Lamborghini Center

Tonino Lamborghini Center is developed by Chengdu Dohe Real Estate Co., Ltd. which was established in September of 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. The company is affiliated to Chongqing Dohe Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. which was incorporated in 1994 andis a group company based in Chongqing and engaged in real estate developmentand operation in cities across China, including Chongqing, Chengdu, Sanya,Yibin, Guanghan and Anshun. The group also specializes in management and operation of five-star hotels. So far, the total development scale of projects completed and in progress has exceeded 5 million square meters and the total sales amount surpasses RMB20 billion.

Project Introduction

Planned land area for construction:10242.47㎡

Planned gross floor area: 228206.74㎡

Ground floor area: 164003.06㎡

Underground floor area: 64203.68㎡ (7 Floors)

Parking spaces: 976

Building height: 188 m

Location: adjacent to the Tianfu Square,the 1000-year old center of Chengdu and the South Renmin Road, the north-south axis of the city.

Roads around: next to the south Renmin Roadon the east, Hongzhaobi Street on the south, and branch roads under urban planning on the west and north.

Location: The project is only 400 m away from the Tianfu Square, the 1000-year old center of Chengdu. The place where it is located has long been the center for commerce,shopping and political services, thus endowing it with positional advantages.

Traffic: The place where it is located is also the traffic center of Chengdu. Therefore, it is easily accessible from any place of the city in whatever direction. The north-south Metro Line 1 and the east-west Line 2 converge here to connect each part of the city.


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