The Mox Group

The Mox Group

MOX Group Limited is a forward thinking organization that was founded on the principles of innovation in design and technological excellence. For over 10 years, MOX has built on this foundation to enable the development of a range of products and solutions for use in a number of industrial and commercial markets.
The MOX Group of companies has spread throughout Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. MOX has partnered with numerous internationally renowned distributors and system integrators who continue to expand our presence and capability.

MOX Group has historically focused on its core business of investigating smart technologies to develop leading edge products and innovative solutions. With a diverse team of product development engineers and technical support experts, MOX has been able to achieve rapid growth and wide industry acceptance of our various product families. Delivering to this benchmark at the highest levels of manufacturing excellence has always been a primary goal of MOX.
The MOX family of products is widely used in heavy industries such as; power generation, steel, petrochemical, metallurgy and mining, and in public utilities including water, gas, oil and electricity transmission and distribution. Also in food and beverage industries, building intelligence, smart homes and apartment buildings and gated communities.

In today’s global economy, business must become more technologically aware by identifying and implementing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. MOX customers benefit from reduced implementation costs through the use of a range of MOX advanced automation and control solutions.

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