SKYSME(中澳新中小企业商业合作联盟)致力于打通中澳新商业往来的枢纽平台,以SKYSME中国成都总部,SKYSME澳大利亚布里斯班总部,同时设立悉尼办公处,墨尔本办事处和珀斯办事处,SKYSME新西兰奥克兰总部为网络依托,帮助双边企业更好的把握商机,实现中澳新企业的外交, 同时平台拥有一支由澳大利亚,新西兰政府官员、法律、财务及出入境领域专业人士组成的顾问团队,与澳大利亚和新西兰各级商会密切合作。 



Skysme is a digital platform established to assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to export quality products from Australia and New Zealand into China safely.

We provide solutions for SME’s to expand their businesses and brand into the China market. Skysme is a one-stop e commerce platform in which Chinese consumers can purchase a large number of quality products and service from small and medium enterprises in New Zealand and Australia. 

Skysme have partnered with key national and international brands to provide reassurance that your products and services are protected. 

Our vision is to provide our clients and customers with a service, which is guaranteed to give you the best quality assurance in an online environment in today’s world and simplify this process, by providing you with confidence and reliability every step of the way.

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