Sichuan Gan Ao Trading

Sichuan Gan Ao Trading

Located in Xigang street, Shuangliu,Sichuan Gan Ao Trading co., ltd. was founded in 2015. The company mainly focused on importing Australian cosmetic, dairy, healthcare, food and beverage products. Breaking the traditional chain mode and upgrading the chain hardware, Gan Ao Trading has developed a new national patent intelligent container and store system, which operates as a light asset and intelligent store service system. The company adopts the Internet +DT mode to support the online and offline sales, which will provide consumers with a safer, faster and more convenient consumption environment.

Sichuan Gan Ao Trading also operates China’s product quality traceability system network platform, it is a joint effort of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s “National Anti-conterfeit Engineering Reaserch Center Product Tracebility Committee”, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine’s China Society of Inspection and Quarantine Institute. It is the most authoritative third-party product quality traceability system network platform, and it is the only product quality traceability system platform in China that has the national invention patent.

Unlike contemporary anti-counterfeiting processes, this system uses a code and QR code scanning for company information, the product quality traceability system’s technical principle is to use the tracing anti-counterfeiting certificate as the main proof, and generate an unique, un-duplicatable electronic identity for each products and have a matching relationship between products and certificate. Anti-counterfeiting proof is composed with multiple codes, and each code has unique functions. As the carrier of product information, it can completely record the product information, status and other relevant data. The QR code for information collection is used to record the development process of the product, and the data can be scanned and input to the server center. The product traceability code is used to determine the product identity and source, and the consumption verification code is used for customers to check the purchase record, and end the product life cycle.

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