Peking Productions

Peking Productions is a full creative consulting agency servicing a variety of clients throughout mainland China. Their mission is to produce visually engaging materials to help clients communicate across linguistic, cultural and political borders. Through photo and video production, as well as consultation and strategy development, Peking Productions has developed a strong reputation within the diplomatic, hospitality, automotive, and creative industries. With a multilingual team, they can assist with the tailoring of corporate messaging to communicate effectively to multinational audiences. They are able to operate immediately from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. For specific project needs, their creatives are able to travel globally as needed.

Chaoyang Wai DaJie San Feng Bei Li No. 7, U-Town International offices, Building B, 17th Floor Room 170, Beijing.China

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Contact Name: Aaron Berkovich

Position: Founder & CEO