Nanaland Culture Development Ltd. was founded in 2019 in Sichuan,China.The company is a spreader of natural education funded by Mainland China, New Zealand and Taiwan region. At present, the company has a natural education base covering an area of 50 acres,which is located in Jiezi Ancient Town of Qingcheng Mountain of Chengdu city. In the base. The company organizes natural education courses and cultural exchange activities for teenagers and adults around the world.The core of the teaching mode is to promote the outdoor teaching and spontaneous learning in natural environment,which is distinguished from indoctrination in classroom.By introducing Australian, New Zealand and Nordic natural education concepts, we have developed natural education courses suitable for the local environment and Chinese children. We will join hands with Chinese children to learn and grow in nature to improve their learning efficiency, environmental sensitivity, scientific knowledge, language ability, logic ability, sports performance, artistic ability, self-cognition, interpersonal skill, spatial thinking and other abilities. In addition, we are composed of three parts: natural education base, natural educator and expert consultant. In the meantime, we hope to build a bridge between children and nature through Nanaland.

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Chengdu, Sichuan China

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