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Ming Hang Law Firm is a Beijing-based law firm in China and provides international clients with private legal service for the issues of international marriage, international inheritance and international property dispute and so on.

A suitable Chinese lawyer or law firm is definitely needed when an individuals or an enterprise faces a legal problem in China. Actually, it is hard to find a suitable Chinese lawyer for help. Some lawyers in China can only speak English but can’t communicate with international clients very well because they can’t explain and deal with the culture difference and difference of legal background, as will lead to misunderstanding and further will greatly affect the efficiency in problem solving.

Ming Hang Law Firm and the lawyers are good at international communication when helping the international client handle legal problems. We are able to handle the conflicts caused by culture difference and difference of legal background. As a result, Ming Hang Law Firm has helped a lot of international clients with very difficult & complex legal problems. We ever helped clients from UK, Canada, Australia and Japan to resolve the disputes regarding family property, marital property and custody. We also represented Kim Lee, a US citizen, to divorce her Chinese ex-husband who is the founder of Crazy English. Thousands of Chinese & international medias reported this case for several years.

Ming Hang Law Firm hopes to be helpful for the clients coming from the world with the professional work and responsible & honest altitude.

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