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Founded in 2005, Hutong School is the leading foreign owned Chinese language school in China to answer the growing demand of students, graduates and young professionals from all over the world eager to discover China. With Full Immersion Programs in Beijing and Shanghai, Hutong School is the school of choice for anyone who wants to do an internship in China or learn Chinese. Moreover, learn Chinese off the beaten path at the schools in Hangzhou or Chengdu for an experience out of the ordinary!

As the first Chinese language school under European management to be officially licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Hutong School has a decade of experience helping foreigners learn Mandarin quickly and effectively. When students study with us or intern at one of our 600+ partner companies they benefit from full immersion in China in a safe and friendly environment. We can take care of everything from airport pickup to quality accommodation, and a member of our team will be available 24/7 in case you ever need help. Hutong School is also a trusted partner by many Chambers and embassies.

Not just overseas students, but also students who live in China can use Hutong School’s unique Chinese teaching method, which separates spoken Chinese and character recognition. This has been proven to expedite Mandarin Chinese language learning. While progressing quicker in spoken Chinese, students also lay better foundations for character memorisation by understanding the logic of Chinese characters’ construction.

With more than 5000 happy alumni, we are proud to say that we can accommodate our student’s interests and needs in China with our package programs or customized services.

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A6 Gongti Beilu, Zhongyu Plaza, Room 1501
Beijing, Beijing China

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