HSLP F&B Management PTY Ltd(Hash)

HSLP F&B Management PTY Ltd(Hash)

HSLP F&B Management PTY Ltd(涵室良品餐饮管理有限公司,简称Hash) has always works on bringing quality mordern cuisine and services to the market. We also provides reliable F&B Management services to interested investors.

To help and facilitate cooperations between individuals in the Cham would be our achieving goal.

Below are two projects we are currently engaged and operating

  1. Le Bistrot Hash is a hidden restaurant which located above an apartment. Chef Paul provides bimestrial updating story menus, which brings guests onto a journey while dinning in the restaurant. It is a wonderful experience for dating and small group gathering.
  2. Mr.Axe restaurant is lying on the side of the street, and right across Ufun Shopping-mall. Restaurant has 70 seats surrounded by cozy and modern atmosphere. Chef Paul provides monthly updating menu which express the change of the season and ingredients. It is either suitable for casual gatherings and group dinner of businesses.

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Contact Name: Oscar Liang, oscar.liang128@hotmail.com, 0086-18575722779

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