Gleneagles Chengdu

Gleneagles Chengdu

Shenton Health Clinic has opened Located in downtown Chengdu, 1 minute walking distance from Huaxiba subway station. Shenton provides the Primary Medical Care:  Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital provides specialized care and clinical services to 148 million residents in Chengdu, Sichuan and other cities in the West of China. The hospital and clinic in Chengdu will run as satellites of Parkway’s network with other hospitals and clinics in China.

• One-stop Healthcare Solution GP + Specialist

Your time is precious to us, so our appointment system provides for one-stop GP and a wide range of specialist services, which better serves your need.

• Health Management Program

Our health management program is designed based on an individual’s demographic and risk profile, cross-referenced with historical trends for optimized results. Home visit service which ensures family health care needs, is well taken care by u

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12F, Wealth International Building, #75 Xiaotianzhu Street, Wuhou District
Chengdu, Sichuan 

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