CPA Australia

CPA Australia

Global Presence 环球网络

Founded in 1886 CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest professional accounting bodies representing more than more than 155,000 members working in 118 countries around the world, with more than 25,000 members working in senior leadership positions.


CPA Australia advances its members’ interests through its focus on education and knowledge exchange, the development of professional networks, advocacy in relation to policy, standards and regulation and the promotion of value of CPA Australia members to employers, government, regulators and the public. The CPA Australia designation denotes strategic business leadership and is recognised and valued throughout the world.


CPA Australia has offices in all Australian capital cities, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


Presence in Greater China悠久历史 踏足亚洲

The Hong Kong office was formally established in 1990. Offices have been established in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to further our commitment in enhancing the exchange and cooperation with the accountancy profession in China.  A liaison office has also been set-up in Macau. Currently, over 17,000 members are based in the Greater China region.



CPA Australia + Employers 澳洲会计师公会 + 雇主

CPA Australia works with organisations across all sectors to develop talented professionals to deliver the best outcomes for employers as well as to ensure employees have the information and knowledge they need to be the best at their job.


CPA Program 澳洲注册会计师课程

At the heart of our support for business is the CPA Program, comprising education and practical work experience to equip accounting and finance professionals with all the technical, business, personal effectiveness and leadership skills they need to deliver better results.


The CPA Program, delivered through distance learning, includes four compulsory subjects and two electives, and a practical experience component. Each subject in the CPA Program incorporates contemporary and internationally relevant materials, including business case studies. The practical experience requirement requires the candidate to complete at least three years’ supervised, relevant work experience in accounting and finance.

澳洲注册会计师课程采取遥距学习模式,包括四门必修课及两门选修课,以及实际工作经验要求。每学科均涵盖国际化及现代化的元素,并包括商业案例分析。 至于实际工作经验要求的部分,学员须累积最少三年受指导的相关工作经验。

The CPA Program examinations are held in April and October around the globe. Members who have completed the CPA Program can also claim credits in specialist masters and MBA degrees offered by higher education providers worldwide.


CPA Australia is also one of the designated assessing authorities for accountants intending to apply for migration to Australia.


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