Talk business, anywhere. Cadence (formerly SeekPanda) is the premier platform for hiring interpreters and translators to help you do business abroad. Cadence is a matchmaking platform focused entirely on interpreting and translation. We use big-data with a human touch to match you with the perfect interpreter for your mission abroad.

Hiring a reliable interpreter who knows the ins and outs of a highly specialized industry requires significant trust, careful curation, and precise matchmaking. With Cadence, you’re ensured peace of mind and utmost quality in interpretation, 100% of the time with 0% hidden fees. Their interpreter database houses hundreds of deeply vetted interpreter profiles including personal interviews with each and every individual in their network, so you can be certain about who you’re hiring. Unlike traditional agency models, Cadence is here to make transparency the new norm.


Categories: Professional Services

Contact Name: Matt Conger

Position: CEO

Industry: Consulting

Working Group: Interpretation/Translation