Business Enquiries

AustCham China is the first port of call for individuals and business organisations seeking independent advice on establishing and conducting business activities in China.

AustCham provides access to decades of China experience. Drawing on the AustCham Board, senior business leaders from AustCham members and our friendly secretariat, AustCham possesses an extensive network and breadth of knowledge to support companies and individuals in China.

As a non-for-profit organisation, AustCham provides initial advisory support to assist individuals and business organisations in mapping-out their China strategy and facilitating connections to industry and government departments. Although we do not provide ongoing consulting services and technical support, we can provide ongoing assistance through our large network of verified companies.


How to lodge an enquiry

1) Contact AustCham via email or telephone (+86 10 8561 5005) to explain your business situation and needs. Teleconference and face-to-face appointments can also be scheduled with the AustCham General Manager.

Depending on the nature of the enquiry, the AustCham executive team may seek further advice from the AustCham Board of Directors or Industry Forums (Finance, Energy & Resources, Education, SME, Retails & E-Commerce and Agribusiness) and schedule an appointment.

2) AustCham will issue an email summary of suggested actions within 7 days as well as any relevant email introductions to companies or individuals who may be able to assist with your business inquiry. No fees are involved for this service.

Common enquiries AustCham has assisted with in 2015/2016:

Corporate Structuring & Business Registration

Identifying companies to assist with the appropriate level of business registration (ie WOFE vs Representative Office) and fast-tracking the registration process.


Product Distribution

AustCham has assisted a number of Australian and New Zealand suppliers with connections to a variety of major e-commerce and offline distributors including:


Amazon China

Tong Ren Tang





Investment Matching

Matching investment projects or properties in Australia to Chinese investors as well as recommending investment service providers.


IP & Trademark Resolution

Advice and introductions to contacts to protect Australia brands from IP infringements, trademark registration, reverse engineering, and de-listing counterfeit products on major e-commerce platforms.


Media Contacts

AustCham has strong connections to Australian and Chinese media. Both AustCham and member companies are regularly featured in the media and exposed to millions of viewers through this connections. Featured companies include: Atlas Finance, Nihao Global, Argyle Hotels, LehmanBrownNorton Rose Fulbright and KPMG. See also AustCham in the media.


HR Solutions

AustCham has sourced returned Chinese or foreign interns to 20+ member companies.


Legal Resolution

AustCham has connected a number of Australian companies with the appropriate legal support in China, including trusted and affordable Chinese legal firms to resolve labour contracts, letters of indemnity and investment contracts.


Delivery of faulty goods from China resolution

Referrals to experts who resolve the delivery of faulty products from China.


SEO and Baidu optimization

AustCham has introduced members companies to digital agencies that can configure websites or online e-commerce platforms to generate higher traffic and sales conversion.



AustCham has provided assistance on selecting the right international school for expat children in Beijing and Tianjin, as well as relocation moving service providers.