Education Talking Points | 23/11/18

In today’s talking points UNSW establishes deeper ties with China, the PM announces increased funding for regional Australian universities and a new survey illustrates benefits for international students who study in Australia.


UNSW Establishes Deeper Ties with China

Publisher Springer Nature is joining with UNSW and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote research to the world.

This is reported to pave the way for increased collaboration between Australian and Chinese researchers on artificial intelligence, renewable energy, materials and health science.

Source: SMH


PM Announces Increased funding for Regional Australian Universities

Scott Morrison, pledged an extra A$135 million for regional universities, study hubs, and scholarships for students in rural and regional areas.

Dan Tehan, the education minister, said the funding would relieve some of the A$2.2 billion in budget cuts from when former prime minister Turnbull froze commonwealth grants in December 2017.

Other institutions to receive additional funding from this announcement include the Central Coast Medical School, the University of Newcastle, Central Queensland University and James Cook University.

Source: Master Studies


New survey illustrates benefits for international students who study in Australia

A recent survey has been conducted by Decision Lab (in collaboration with the International Alumni Job Network) with over 10,000 international alumni from Asia participating. The survey looks at the general satisfaction and employability of students after studying in Australia, USA, Europe, New Zealand, Britain and Canada.

The report found that students who had studied in Australian institutions were more likely to receive a wage increase on their return to the workforce. Students overall satisfaction with the return on studying in Australia was also rated highly.

Source: IAJN