Education Talking Points | 22/03/2018

In today’s talking points: Australia strengthening links in the Pacific through school partnerships,  Australia’s aboriginal education program to be exported to Africa, Swinburne University launches advanced manufacturing centre in Weihai, Shandong, Education Ministers of China, Japan and South Korea agree to enhance cooperation


Australia strengthening links in the Pacific through school partnerships

In order to strengthen ties between neighbouring countries in the Pacific, the Ministry of Australian Foreign Affairs officially launched the Australia-Pacific BRIDGE School Partnerships programs on March 21st.  Schools in Papua new Guinea, Fiji, Naru, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanatu will be invited to take part in a pilot program that aims to support exchanges between teachers on the best practices in education. An additional core focus of the program will to be strengthen links between schools that offer education to students with disabilities.
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Australia’s aboriginal education program to be exported to Africa

One of Australia’s most celebrated aboriginal mentoring projects AIME or Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience – which provides opportunities for 15000 indigenous high school students, will be exported to Uganda and South Africa. The mentor programs involves University student giving their free time to guide and teach Indigenous students, also allowing them access to university campus workshops.
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Swinburne University launches advanced manufacturing centre in Weihai, Shandong

Australia’s Swinburne University has become the first Australian university to develop a base in Weihai, Shandong province, as the result of a joint partnership between Swinburne University, Shandong University Weihai, Weihai Economic and Technological Zone, and the Australian Education and Management Group. The research centre will develop highly advanced manufacturing technologies including; 3D printing, industrial automation, robotics, and advanced materials processing for carbon fibre composites, and will house 100 PhD students in it’s first five years.
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Education Ministers of China, Japan and South Korea agree to enhance cooperation

At the second China-Japan-South Korea Education Ministers’ Meeting held in Tokyo this week, the Ministers exchanged views on further enhancing cooperation in education areas. The three sides have pledged to continue to promote communication between students of the three countries and further enhance cooperation under multilateral frameworks. At the meeting, the Ministers pointed out that the three countries are facing common opportunities and challenges, and signed a joint communique on cooperation after the meeting. The Ministers aim to bring into full play the unique role of education in the development of relationship between countries, and learn from each other and work together to provide intellectual support for economic and social development in the region.
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