Food & Agribusiness Talking Points | 27/02/2018

In today’s talking points: New pesticide that lowers environmental contamination has been developed by Chinese researchers, Yellow River Fishing ban, Chinese demand boosting Australian wool exports


New pesticide that lowers environmental contamination has been developed by Chinese researchers 

A new pesticide that reduces soil pollution and damage to the environment through nano slow-releasing technology, has been developed by a team from Hefei Institute of Physical Science. The nano-controlled release pesticide controls the movement of pesticides particles in its environment. With China’s heavy use of pesticides in the agricultural industry, this new environmentally friendly pesticide provides a solution to obstacles faced in China’s current use of pesticides.
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Yellow River Fishing ban 

In order to improve fishing resources and protect the ecosystem in the China’s second largest river – the Yellow River, China has extended a seasonal fishing ban along the Yellow River for the time period April 1 to June 30 every year, covering a major portion of the river. China has existing bans on other rivers such as the Yangtze River, Huaihe and the Pearl.
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Chinese demand boosting Australian wool exports

Australian wool in the eastern market has been through another record-breaking week on the back of strong demand from China and a falling Australian dollar. Mal Nicholls, the wool district manager for Elders Gippsland, affirmed, “The dollar might have given buyers a little bit more room to move, but overall it’s still the demand that is really driving the market.” It signals knock-on effects from the Reserve Bank’s recent rate decision and falling support for commodity prices, now channelled into the Australian dollar. Nonetheless the market level for Australian wool continues to be higher than the five-year average.
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